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The Confused Mother offers international mothers and parents in Germany support with online tutorials for applying for Elterngeld, Elternzeit and Kindergeld. 

For mothers who are looking for a new job after their parental leave or want to start a business, I offer job and business coaching.

Have a thriving family life and career in Germany with ease.

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About The Confused Mother

My mission with The Confused Mother is to enable women in Germany to have a thriving family life and career. 

We all start out as confused mothers when we have a baby because we don’t know if we are doing the right thing for them. It gets even more overwhelming in a foreign country, when we have to deal with the administrative paperwork and going back to our jobs. We try to go through it all on our own, feel alone and lonely in our experience. But I believe that it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Using tutorials, consulting and jobcoaching, The Confused Mother offers clarity and guidance on navigating life as an international mother in Germany and communicating your needs so that you find balance. Insecurity, self doubt and mental load will become things of the past. So what are you waiting for?


Elterngeld, Kindergeld Tutorials

How to apply for Elterngeld, Elternzeit, Kindergeld: so much paperwork when you have a baby in Germany! What does it all mean? The online tutorials will help you understand how to apply for financial benefits in Germany.

Job Coaching for Mothers

Are you looking for a career coach to plan your return to work after maternity leave? Or applying for a new job? If you are overwhelmed by parenting in Germany, we can plan your kids and career in a safe space, one on one.

Career Workshops for Mothers

Work life balance. Finding your dream job in Germany. Getting back to work after your maternity leave or looking to change your line of work. This series of workshops prepares you for it all with exercises, toolkits and experiences of others in your situation.


I am Gitanjali, founder of The Confused Mother. I have one daughter and live with my family in Berlin, Germany.

In 2014, I moved from India to Germany after working for several years in the non-profit sector in India. In the last eight years, I have worked with many international people to plan the next steps in their careers.

Since I had a child last year and realised how isolating and overwhelming it can get, I decided to support other parents in their journey, get all the financial support they need and have open conversations about motherhood.

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Gitanjali More

The Confused Mother Podcast

Do you want even more content on motherhood? Here is The Confused Mother podcast, where I talk to mothers and experts about everything related to motherhood and work. Click below to tune in on Spotify or Apple podcasts:

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Have a thriving family life and career in Germany with ease

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