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I am Gitanjali, founder of The Confused Mother.

Putting together my experiences and knowledge in multicultural settings and as an Indian living in Germany, I created The Confused Mother. 

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India -> Germany

In 2014 I moved from India to Germany to start a new chapter of my life after working in the nonprofit sector in different places in India. After my studies in Communications Management and International Relations, I worked with refugees and international women to plan their studies and careers in Germany and prepare their documents in German. I offered young professionals guidance through workshops on values, motivation and communicating with courage. This work continued even while I had other jobs. 

My Motherhood journey:

I had a baby during the Covid lockdown, which was very isolating. I wished for more contact with other women who shared my experiences. I wanted to encourage more open and honest conversations about motherhood so in April this year, I started talking to women about becoming mothers, motherhood and all the taboo topics that are related to it. But I wanted to do more. During my maternity leave, I came up with the idea for The Confused Mother.

My Values

I am a traveller, an explorer, and a mountain lover. I love to learn, explore new paths in life and take on new challenges. My values are integrity, courage and adventure. The integrity to be true to oneself about who you are and what you want to be in this world. The courage to forge new paths, explore the unknown and dare to get out of your comfort zone to learn. Adventure is the culmination of integrity and courage: to go down the paths you choose and do amazing things. These are the values I bring into my work and help my clients with. The search for adventure while staying true to myself along with the empathy I have gained along the way have been key to my work as a trainer and consultant.
Adventure and Treasure Hunt

What People Are Saying:

Gitanjali did an excellent job providing feedback, suggesting additional preparation that I should do before the interview and advising on how to better “sell” myself. She also helped me boost my self-confidence. I nailed the interview!

Zuzana D.

She has so much international experience and at the same time understands the German job market really well. This is a perfect mix for someone like me who works in an embassy. I felt well taken care of and can highly recommend you!

Miriam K.

Working with Gitanjali was an absolute pleasure. At 40 weeks pregnant, she gave a powerful online workshop on values and motivation in the career. Her energy, approach to life and her reflected opinions are an inspiration and comfort to many.

Eszter B.

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