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Are you expecting a baby and live in Berlin? Are you confused about about Elterngeld, Elternzeit, Kindergeld and all the other things you've probably heard of? Choose the tutorials to fill out the paperswork yourself or get the 1-1 consultation to fill it out together and discuss any other questions you have about having a baby in Germany. Get full access to the video tutorials and watch them whenever you want!
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Baby's paperwork (Kindergeld, Anmeldung, etc.) and mama's care

Congratulations, you are pregnant. Now what? In this online video tutorial, you will get all the information you will need to get started on your pregnancy and parenting journey in Germany.

After this, you will have:

  1. General information on pregnancy and postpartum care
  2. Services offered in Germany, specifically in Berlin 
  3. All of the baby’s paperwork including Anmeldung, birth certificates and health insurance
  4. Information on child benefits (Kindergeld) and how to apply for it
  5. PDF of the list of documents needed for the application
  6. Bonus: hospital bag packing list, shopping list for mama and baby, birth plan

Please note that this tutorial does not cover applications for financial benefits like Elterngeld, etc.

Price: €69

Financial benefits: Elterngeld, Elternzeit and more

Germany offers parents a lot of support to take care of their children. In this online video tutorial, you will get information on the various financial benefits available to parents in Germany, specifically Berlin. I also offer you step-by-step guidance on how to apply for Elterngeld, which documents you need to submit and the different ways in which you can take Elternzeit (parental leave). 

After this, you will have:

  1. General information on benefits available to parents
  2. Application processes for financial benefits in Berlin like Mutterschaftsgeld, Mutterschutz, Elternzeit and Elterngeld 
  3. PDF of the list of documents needed for the application

Please note that this tutorial does not cover the application for Kindergeld. 

Price: €69

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Filling out Elterngeld application

Do you need someone to fill out your Elterngeld application? 

We will discuss how you want to divide your Elternzeit and which combination of Elterngeld you want to apply for. I will also check which documents you need and help your put together your application.

You can also send me your questions by email beforehand and we can discuss them in our call or meeting. After the one-hour online consultation, I would be happy to answer any follow-up questions you have by email and review your application for no additional charge.

Price: €99

Customer reviews:

If you are an expat living in Berlin and a confused mother-to-be like me, Gitanjali’s pregnancy and postpartum tutorial will give you a quick glance on what it is like giving birth in the country, how to prepare for it, and all the supports and benefits you should apply for to help you start this exciting journey at ease. Thank you Gitanjali!


I absolutely recommend both of Gitanjali’s tutorials as a first immersión into the world of having a baby in Germany. It is useful to have all the information in one tutorial which otherwise I would have to search from different sources or they are even not full available in English. It is also cool that the tutorial give recommendations regarding what to expect.


Both her tutorials are great! It feels like sitting with a friend and hearing about everything I need to know about pregnancy and postpartum. She talks into the camera and explains everything calmly and slowly. I found it very useful and learned so many things about Elterngeld and postpartum care that I’d never heard before. 


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Any Questions?

Here are some answers:

I share as much general information as possible about the topics mentioned. However, everyone’s situation is so different, so I cannot get into specifics in the tutorials. Each tutorial has five videos and some free downloads for you to refer to in your free time.

Yes! You can get Kindergeld for older children and siblings as well.

Generally, yes, you should get Elterngeld if your baby is less than 14 months of age and meets some other criteria.

You can book a consultation and we will figure it out together.

Both tutorials are ideal when you are pregnant. The first one has a lot of information on pregnancy along with postpartum care and support for mothers. Get it if you need help with registering your baby’s birth or applying for Kindergeld. 

The second application covers all parent benefits like Elternzeit and Elterngeld.

That’s almost guaranteed! Which is why I am happy to answer your questions by email for no additional charge once you buy the tutorials or consultation.  

Yes, we can find a way to work together. Please write me an email to discuss your situation.

Ja! Auch wenn du kein Englisch kannst, können wir zusammen arbeiten. Ich biete dir meine Beratung gerne auf Deutsch an. 

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