How to find a job in Germany

Are you stuck in your job search at the moment? Or maybe you’re finding it difficult to have the perfect answers during job interviews. 

Are you sure your documents are tailored for the German market? Do you have the right approach to networking? And how can you make sure you’re presenting your best self in a job interview? 

Join the online workshop on February 27 to address all these questions.

  • Details: 1 hour
  • 7-8pm
  • Online (Google meet)
  • Price: €19
Elterngeld consultant and job coach

After the session, you will know:

Germany offers a thriving job market, but navigating the employment landscape can be challenging. Our workshop is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to successfully secure your dream job in Germany. Here’s what you’ll gain:

✅ CV and cover letter: Adapt your CV and cover letter for the German job market. Get tips on making it leaner and more attractive to employers.

✅ Effective Job Search Strategies: Forget about sending out 500 applications and getting 0 interviews. Streamline your processes with an effective strategy.

✅ Interview Excellence: Most mothers who have had a long break from work struggle with confidence issues. Learn some tactics to answer common interview questions, ensuring you leave a lasting impression on potential employers.

✅ Networking Strategies: Build a professional network that opens doors to hidden job opportunities and industry insights.

What my job coaching clients are saying:

Gitanjali has a well-structured but flexible approach to job coaching. She shows genuine interest in the success of the coachee and adapts the methods individually.


I felt that I was in very good hands with Gitanjali. She responds to everything and has always found new ways and methods with me to lead me in the direction I want to go in the future.


Gitanjali gave me a lot of food for thought, which not only helped me in my job search and later in the company itself, but also in life in general. I found the coaching extremely useful and necessary.


Have a thriving family life and career in Germany with ease

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