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Job coaching

Job Coaching

AVGS Job Coaching

Job Coaching

Do you want to find a job that fits your expectations and qualifications? You can get job coaching to help you get there. Profit from the expertise of a job coach to get guidance on the next steps of your professional journey and prepare strong job applications to get that dream job. 

Job coaching Berlin

Questions that we will discuss in the job coaching:

  1. How do I get a job that covers my living costs in Germany, which also fulfills my own professional goals?
  2. Are my qualifications enough to get a new job or do I need to do another course to improve my chances? 
  3. What are my core qualifications and competencies and are they in demand in the current job market? 
  4. How can I make my family life and work life work well together to get a good work life balance? 
  5. How do I present myself in a confident manner to potential employers? 

In the job coaching, we will do the following: 

  1. Analyse your career path and define your career goals
  2. Define what your ideal job should look like
  3. Prepare your application documents like your CV and motivation letter
  4. Prepare you for your interviews and debrief afterward
  5. Discuss any other questions you have about your applications, work-life balance or career

If you are a private job coaching client, I offer package prices based on your needs, which we can discuss in a first call. They can be anything from a single session to three-month coaching with one coaching session per week. I am happy to customise a plan for you based on your needs. Write me an email or book a free consultation to learn more. 

AVGS Job Coaching Berlin

Are you currently unemployed and keen to find your new job again? If you are registered with the Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter (unemployment office), you have the opportunity of getting free job coaching via an AVGS voucher. 

If you need help applying for the voucher, please write me an email and I can guide you in applying for it. 

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Any Questions?

Here are some answers:

You would seek me out as your job coach, 

  1. When you are at a crossroads in your career and cannot figure out the next step
  2. When you want to change your line of work and are unsure about how to position yourself
  3. When you are on maternity leave and need help to go back to your old job or change jobs

In the 30 minute free consultation (if you decide to book it) or at the beginning of our sessions, we would define the goal of your session and a plan to achieve that goal. We will plan our sessions and then step by step, we will solve the problems and find clarity.

The workshops and one on one sessions are designed especially for you: a confused mother who has little time for “extra work”. In brief sessions, you will get tools to manage your life efficiently and get back to work. In this session, you will gain clarity and practical tips for your job applications or managing work life balance. It is all about your particular situation, no distractions and no other intervention, 100% your time. You are paying for my experience and expertise, not just my time..

For one on one sessions we can discuss:

  1. Planning the next steps in your career
  2. How to cope with going back to work after a long break 
  3. Applying for your dream job 
  4. Communicating with courage: how to have difficult conversations at home and at work

That depends on your needs. In a workshop, you have the opportunity to share stories and experiences with other mothers as well as get ideas from them. It is a more interactive setting and you will learn with fun exercises and group work. On the other hand, a one on one session is dedicated only to you and your situation. We will discuss only your questions, job application or career plans.

This is called the Activation and Placement Voucher in English or Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein in German. If you are unemployed, you can get this voucher from the Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter to get job coaching. This coaching is funded and helps you find gainful employment based on your qualification. Book a free call with me to know how to use your voucher with me as your coach.

The short answer is, yes! I can offer you career coaching in German. For now, the workshops are offered in English, but I plan to start them in German soon too. Sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date on announcements.
I also speak Hindi and Marathi, in case you are more comfortable in either of these languages for the coaching.

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Have a thriving family life and  career in Germany

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