Fresh start: Moving to Berlin

Berlin is such an international city and many people move here for a fresh start. Moving to Berlin can also be confusing for many people, because of the language, bureaucracy and paperwork, especially when you have children. So I wanted to share my top tips in this blog post for when you move to Berlin with kids or start a family here:

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How to move to Germany

Are you in the process of moving to Germany to have better opportunities and a better life for yourself and your family?  Congratulations! I moved here almost 10 years ago, all alone and full of excitement, not really knowing what to expect or how things would turn out. 

I’m sure you’re excited too but it can also be scaring and confusing, especially if you don’t know much about how things work in Germany, don’t speak the language and have to bring your family too. 

So in this blog post, I want to share some of my top tips on making this move to Germany a success!

Change is difficult

At every step of my journey from India to Germany, there were things to be learned. It wasn’t easy but getting out of your cozy comfort zone rarely is. Change is SO difficult, it requires you to be courageous, step out of your comfort zone and do things you’ve never done before. So it’s easy to stay there, safe, without any surprises or excitement. But if you step out over the line, magic happens. We get influenced by the things we experience and inspired by the people we meet.

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In order to ensure a smooth transition from your home country to Germany, I can recommend doing a few things.
Here is my five point checklist for moving to Germany:

  1. Read up about the place you are moving to or have moved to. What paperwork do you need to take care of? Which residential areas have good infrastructure depending on your situation, for example, schools, supermarkets, access to public transport (S+U Bahn stations), etc. 
  2. Try to find local groups and make friends: There are so many Facebook groups and apps for meeting new people. So you can get a head start by connecting with people who are like you and making some friends. If you have moved to Germany for work, the office might also be a good place to socialise initially so that you get some local insights. And who knows, maybe you find a great work buddy too.  Join meetups, visit your neighborhood Familienzentrum or playgrounds and make friends with the people there. I organise a lot of meetups for parents to make new friends as well. You can subscribe to my newsletter and get all the latest updates!
  3. Learn the language: even if your job is in English and most people here speak at least some English, it is worth it to learn some basic German. There are a lot of German language schools that offer a variety of classes to fit the busy schedules of working people, or you can try an App like Duolingo. The key to learning German is constantly practicing what you learn. I speak fluent German, which is why I work on helping parents understand German bureaucracy related to their children!
  4. Explore the city and travel: if it is possible, I would suggest you explore the city you’ve moved to and check out museums, parks, cafes and shops. This way you will find the places you love and become “yours”, which will help you settle in sooner. Don’t be afraid to leave your area and move around the city. It has so much to offer!
  5. Benefits for your family and you: there are a lot of benefits available in Germany. There are a lot of resources available for new arrivals to find this information. In case you have children or are planning to have some soon, you can avail of financial benefits too. You can explore my tutorials on applying for Kindergeld or Elterngeld or book a one on one session with me. 

You are so brave for taking this step. Congratulations! 

If you’re expecting a baby or have a newborn, get my online tutorials on Kindergeld and Elterngeld now to learn about all the benefits available to you!


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