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Did you find my website while looking for answers on how to manage parenting or your career in Germany? Congratulations on taking the first step! I am happy to help you with my workshops, tutorials, podcast and this blog for everything related to parenting in Germany.

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Why A Blog?

I decided to start a blog in addition to my other services, so that I can provide you with some valuable content and share my insights about living in Germany as a parent. The blog doesn’t follow just one theme, but it will cover a range of different topics related to parenting in Germany. 

Over eight years ago, I made my way to Germany to study. The challenges I faced at university and in the time after that really shaped the person I am today. Then I became a mother and those challenges paled in comparison. The desire to start my own business kept growing and when I realised that most parents need practical tools for navigating career and family in Germany, I knew I had to make it happen. 

Many of the posts you will read here are about parenting in general, but there are very specific ones that will help you with tips on parenting in Germany. I hope you find them helpful. 

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Disclaimer: Whatever I write here about postpartum and baby care is my experience and that of other mothers I have spoken to. Please do not use this as any kind of medical advice. When in doubt, please see your doctor. 

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The Confused Mother Podcast

Do you want even more content on motherhood? Here is The Confused Mother podcast, where I talk to mothers and experts about everything related to motherhood and work. Click below to tune in on Spotify or Apple podcasts:

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No more confusion: Balance kids and career in Germany

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