Workshops for confused mothers

Confused Mothers are also often busy mothers. If you want clarity and structure in your lives, you can join workshops with others mothers. Share experiences, learn from others and finally create good structure for ideal work-life balance in your life.

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Dream Job Now

Declutter My Mind

Work Life Balance

Dream Job Now

Understanding the German job market is complicated. What worked in your home country might not necessarily work here. But that shouldn’t stop you from finding your dream job, one that encourages you to have a life, allows for good working hours and is fun too. 

Join this workshop to learn how to apply for jobs in Germany, especially after your maternity leave. See below for the details about the contents of the workshop.

What you will gain:

Job application

Planning next steps

Job sites


  • How to register as a jobseeker
  • Where to look for a job
  • What is job coaching?
  • Language: English
Job applications, CV, cover letter and job interview
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Declutter My Mind

Let’s “Marie Kondo” your brain! Do you have too many ideas, plans, wishes, and a never ending to do list as a parent? You would love to juggle all the balls you have in the air without dropping even one? It’s possible! In this two hour online workshop, I will give you a number of tools to organise your thoughts, priorities and tasks.
Together we will identify everything you have to do in your life, your thoughts and together, decide what you want to carry with you or leave behind.
You will also get a chance to hear experiences of other mothers and how they manage their lives in this safe space. 

You will feel more confident and have clarity about your life to start the new year with a bang.

What you will gain:

Clarity about problem areas

Tools to manage your life

Safe space


  • 2 hours, online 
  • What you need: a laptop, pen and paper 
  • Language: English

Work Life Balance

Just imagine this: Your child is happy and healthy, your career is going fantastic, you’ve got a date with your partner coming up, you had a night out with friends last weekend, your home is clean and your bills have been paid. You have slightly sore muscles from your workout this morning. Holiday? Yes, that’s planned for next month.

Sounds unrealistic? Utopia? La-la land? No! It is possible and I want to show you how.

In this workshop, we will tackle belief systems, your daily struggles and your definition of work life balance. With some practical tools and exercises, we will bring structure to your life so that you can have that perfect work life balance you envision.

What you will gain:


A Roadmap

Peace Of Mind


  • Setting priorities
  • Setting boundaries for self-care
  • 2 hours, online 
  • What you need: a laptop with headphones, pen and paper 
  • Language: English
Mother balancing work and life
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Any Questions?

Here are some answers:

With me, you will get a safe space to discuss whatever is on your mind, regardless of whether it is a workshop or one on one session. I offer a lot of empathy since I have probably gone through a similar experience and am 100% committed to listening to your story. While I am always honest with my feedback, I am never brutal. 

That depends on your needs. In a workshop, you have the opportunity to share stories and experiences with other mothers as well as get ideas from them. It is a more interactive setting and you will learn with fun exercises and group work. On the other hand, a one on one session is dedicated only to you and your situation. We will discuss only your questions, job application or career plans.

The short answer is, yes! I can offer you career coaching in German. For now, the workshops are offered in English, but I plan to start them in German soon too. Sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date on announcements.

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